andrew marshall(non-registered)
This a great site as I am also a firefighter. Keep up the great work
John David(non-registered)
Live at 50 Sumner Ave. Pretty nasty fire. I have several good photos of fire before it was brought under control. Starting on 6/6/16, the debris removal people finally started to remove the contents of all the units. Interior is a total loss due to smoke damage. Windows have been boarded up since the fire.
robby monahan(non-registered)
great pics
Lisa G.(non-registered)
Awsome pictures... some of them gave me goose bumps!
Thank You!
David Matos Jr(non-registered)
Thanks for a great site and great pictures! You got a shot of me sitting on the side of Engine 4 at that Moon Township fire at Pillar Drive the other day. I will frequently visit here, especially when I see you at our calls because my family is always asking for photos of me on the job. :)
timi sue bates(non-registered)
thank you so very much for sharing these photos of Officer Koteckis funeral. God bless him and his family, the fellow police men and women and community. May God bring peace to Lower Burrell, may them resume a "new" sense of normal.
mike fri(non-registered)
really good site my brother is a firefighter i have photos of some of the calls can i upload them
William M Graham
Hey i like this site..i was at the Grove City Cooper Bessmer Fire on in some of the photos from that fire thanks for your grerat photograhy.

William M Graham...
FireFighter(Stoneboro Vol Fire Co) Sta 76 Mercer County
This is a wonderful site. Your work is really great! I really feel like you capture the heart of the hard working men and women of the emergency services.
Welcome to the new 9-1-1 Response Photography site. I think you will find this site to be nicer than my smugmug site, as it loads much faster, has nicer feautures and just looks much nicer and more professional. The smugmug site that most of you knew, will no longer be up, much past March or April. This site here will be the official site of 9-1-1 Response Photography. I started this site from the ground up, to include all of the incident/trainings/events from all of 2010 to the present. Also the other galleries including police vehicles, fire apparatus, EMS vehicles, Firefighter faces and etc. I did archive the 2009 and previous incidents, however did not feel the need to clutter up the new site with all those old galleries. I hope you enjoy your visit to the site, as well as all of the photos! Feel free to stop back and visit as often as you like!
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