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Shortly after 6am on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Bellevue police responded to a report of a possible disabled vehicle on Ohio River Boulevard near Kendall Avenue. Shortly after arriving on the scene, the alledged disabled vehicle was on the move with the driver behind the wheel....The Jeep proceeded through a vacant lot next to Mocha Mountain on Ohio River Boulevard. The Jeep then proceeded over the hillside towards the railroad tracks and the Ohio River below.....amazingly a few trees stopped the Jeep in its tracks otherwise it would of continued on its downward plunge and even 4-wheel drive wouldn't have helped on that not so fun ride!!

Police immediately requested Fire and EMS be dispatched for the Jeep over the hill with the operator still in the vehicle. Bellevue (Station 108), Fairview (Station 250) and Northwest EMS were dispatched. Lieutenant 108 requested that Ben Avon (Station 109) be added to the rescue assignment. Firefighters utilizing ropes made their way over the hillside to the vehicle.

The operator, who was uninjured, was quickly removed from the vehicle and firefighters assisted in getting him back up the hillside. The operator who had an evident odor of alcohol on his person was given a series of Field Sobriety Tests by Bellevue Police. After failing the tests, the male was taken into custody for DUI.

Mike Joyce tow truck arrived on the scene and winched the vehicle back up the hillside and towed it from the scene

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